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Originals and Framed Work/You Just Want More!

"As the artist I want very much to satisfy the customers

need for my artwork."  "Therefore, I will provide free shipping

which will guarantee satisfaction and a continued business relationship between myself and you as the customer."

"If you would like another size of the artwork, I am going to oblige guaranteed."  Please let me know if there is anything more I can do to make your experience

a satisfying one.

-Jonathan Jaeger(Artist)

     If you are interested in prints I add a personal touch.  Please contact if you wish to purchase prints.  I will then quote you a price for the print or prints.  If you wish to discuss purchasing an original work of art, in personal, it is up to you, I would be glad to do the transaction through  Facebook messenger, Instagram, phone, or e-mail. Make sure during the transaction that I am aware of the art piece which you would like to purchase.  I accept the following transactions: Paypal, Point of Sale, and cash.

     You are welcome to visit me at my studio at Artists&Makers Studios in Rockville Md.  Please contact me if you are going to visit in order for me to prepare to be there to greet you properly.

-Jonathan Jaeger(Radiant Art)

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