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Boy In Love

Inspired by Bruce Springsteen

Riding down that street and I knew every inch of it riding the big wheel Wild and free would bare my knuckles and break my bones it was all the same to me.

I was drinking from the water hose watching you in your swim suit for the first time, when you smiled at me and I knew you were mine

The old swimming hole was always crowded in the heat of the day when we stripped down to our underwear we giggled and had nothing much to say.

It was time we were unchained and then your mom passed on and I could see you crying under the table at her wake I really didn’t know much about love, but I said that if I could love her and it would stop the tears I would honest to God above, but sometimes love isn’t enough.

Miles away I am still trying to run from my memories of her sitting on that porch in a down pour in the middle of summer break, as the sun set the next day we were joined at the hand now I am in no man’s land no way in and no way out , where love is never enough and I often suffer from missing the love we make.

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