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I am a dope

Breath need a tic tac you know that do not want my daughter making her money on her back, take that bs to IHOP and get a short stack, all this is is not a myth or fiction it is a fact so why don't you get back. Get the gun they say you the Mack go down to Paulies New York State and get wacked. You know the slang and my pit bull we still call him fang and Chazz is around the corner bustin Uies in the stang. Still in the jizm David not far from sight and I count on Gods might to keep it light even with the pitch black with Diesel fuel to run the generator and skin was dark as darth vader so when you smile they find you in the shadows and recesses of the mind but you often ask me If love is blind my heart was always in a bind and someone to relate to was always hard to find. Passing what does that mean can I live between the whip and the master's step child does my hair not curl right is it not wild, is my voice not mild and smooth as the silk tie I am accustomed to where but u still looking for a picture to see Afro in my hair still white America often has a scare when i furl my brow and my anger comes out , you ask why you upset now. Sensitive that is female trait but I may change your mind often time drinking monkey oil and could not walk a straight line. Catch feelings like Derrick Jeeter in his prime and set off like a crime team robbing a bank on the silver screen, Cleo went out like a thug and one stayed alive now that take is just mean . Use the bean like the Columbians to throw the scent from snow coco to Juan Valdez inteindez ? That means "understand? But see me on a level of a Sholin like the man with the methods can drop a beat with nothing but a mandolin.

Always saw my fathers looks in distinguished white men. Never spent time eating Japanese food but spent lots of yen. Felt God wAs watching when I was having a heart palpitations and saw my life doing the Miracle mile within my eyes were the large fries was I living to eat or living to survive? Could not live without a win on the board but losing taught me humility and respect for what it took to get to first place amazing grace spiritual I was the wretched man who was in the lyrics but it was something I could never fix alone through me a bone get off the phone it is not a iPhone that sets the pace of the day or rest my case because the cops shake a black man down just because he believes in justice for all who is at the instant gratification on display still shortys have nothing to say.

Then I heard man who knows the procedure was taken down with a choke hold in broad day light often times they do not get it right you took down a hero and sent him to the great beyond now he is gone and he could barely let the heat know that he could not draw air and now he has a tag on his feet , wearing clothes that sag relaxing that day not there to break the law but now he is in a body bag.

And the beat goes on ......

Greatness set upon you is often to large of a dose of life, it's like bringing to a gun fight a knife and you enjoy trying to make babies Instead of making these women your wife. Held them up high and could never reach of course I love her she's a peach.

Addiction to what we need we no longer want and we write it all out on the dotted line in the right font. Yet is he just another rich man no matter the pigment of his skin he stands with us but sometimes he might just go against what is fair and for the common man who often loses limbs not in a war but In critical care . Keeps his mind sharp cause that is all there is to do and his soul and spirit are content and you know now he rolls with one shoe but places he can go in his mind there within this man you will never confine, often like the eagle in the currency which we thought was King and we look to the man who talks to Jesus for us as just a man but we still kiss his ring.

The roman gods could break to pieces in the Roman Colosseum which is not who we bend our knee for blessed are those who believe in Jesus who has not seen him.

Did I not love him because I did not like myself you ought to thank God at least you have your health and no one is a rich man like me but Chris Rock said being rich will not last so I grab up some soil and water and plant wealth. Never trapped in the cage but a prisoner of rage can we turn the page never drank yellow water of Folsom where you never forget you 're in hell I go to the deepest crevice to drop my bucket and drink water from a well and old white men are on the floor of the stock market floor yelling sell sell!!!

Now and then it keeps me up at night wondering where I fit in . What is the sin is it my skin that many have died for and marched on Washington to stand below the statue of a man with the tall hat , we often forget that but Huey from the boondocks did not and brought mlk back to face the black people of today, and the controversy was bold as a young African American man that told the souls of the young and old that his dream had died and that there was a certain amount of currency that needed to shock black America to wake them from a comma in which they slide.

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