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I am a man

Can I live without the ghetto community thinking my skin is shiny like the sun and the white community ashamed to walk me in the front door you don't realize what the path I took has done.

Mind is fertile and mossy like the plantation ground which we took back, masters Rollin over in their graves learning the president is black. But still that does not stop the po po shinning lights into the turismo .

Now I look at the different shades of black in the pictures on the mantle, my own seed sees me as white watch the history Channel.

How the pure blood was diluted and some blacks say the culture is polluted .

A lot of brothers want me to speak Ebonics but the government brainwashed them to stay in a box like Atari electronics.

So what they didn't tell you son is the whole race has come undone and the people that I love to hate could be the same ones that I ask to pass the plate .

So can't we just get along as good as a Slam dunk from Labron .

The best of me is cultural relations congress always in deliberation . They say I am too serious and like the Dwayne Johnson I am just too furious.

I put my palms to my head in a cold sweat, panic attack , praying I am not dead!!

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