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Sweet Princess

Bubble gum Princess of the Home coming crowd

She tries to talk above them she is not too proud, you think you know her wearing her Bobby socks down the hall

See her everyday when we toss the ball out front of the school playing catch, she got on the blue outfit on today with a bra to match

She is just looking for somewhere to belong where society won’t judge her and throw conditions on her back,

You think you know her but she bought a ticket out of town to get away from a boy that she just made love to and she won’t be coming around here and that’s a fact,she made some money shooting pool and there is nothin she lacks

You call her dirty and now she going to walk away clean to chase the American Dream , for the men have treated her like they were going to use her up and now she she got some Seagrams gin down deep in cup

Once again wetting the whistle to run down small streets in a small neighborhood in a small part of town spinning around in her homecoming gown with a broken crown.

Now you think you know her but called her every name in the book didn’t know that one night she tried to take every pill her mamma once took, to sugar coat a life where she was trying to figure out who she was

As she looks out onto the city lights you thought you knew her but she is just a kid taking a drag of a cigarette to get one last buzz.

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