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The Children’s Stars

The Children's Stars

Often times, now and

then I remember what

I can grasp, these

memories are my last.

When in deep sorrow

I weep to clense my


I would take walks

down by the river hoping

that the stars that were

once in my eyes could

be seen again.

I drank by candle light

in the company of strangers

and would often defend

the honor of a woman in

the face of danger.

I would preach yet

not confess, the

kisses that would

fall upon my lips

and gently caress.

Drink to illuminate the

mind, my way I could not

find, to lay my head to


I was swept away like

the spirit’s carried

by flower petals on

the wind.

Diana when young would

sing ballads in the

wood by the stream

Fairytales big and small

about giants and gnomes

short and tall is what

she sang about with a

voice sweet and sirene.

One day she wished, not a

star was found in the

sky, to sing with the

angels on high.

Venus look down upon

Diana with favor, shef

will be blessed for all

to see and no longer will

the children cry.

It has come to pass in our

lives that Diana has joined

the stars that once were

in the eyes of the young.

Quiet now, she sings the

children to sleep their lives

have just begunpoetry

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