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The Rainbow Coalition

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

When I moved to the DC Area, I thought it was heaven. There were people of every color under

the son it was Amazing! I grew up in a segregated

town and it was small, this was something I could really enjoy and where I could get married. I looked at some old Saturday Evening Post covers and couldn't take it they were too rosy to unrealistic and candy coated that I choose to make one for this day and age. There was also not enough people of color. So with this art piece the little girl learned by watching others to call the police when black men

and women are acting suspicious. Luckily this officers were on Duty.

I call it Sweeping while black.

Jumping the Fence While Black

Black Men and Women are Dying and its being televised and I have a son and daughter so my thoughts for this art work was fear for my seed

with black skin. Once we Kings and now they are

killing our future in the streets for unjustified reasons. This will not stand. I am not anti- police but we must serve justice to the police that are using

a badge to wield power which should be given to the

women and me of law enforcement Wisely. They are not all bad but they are not all good either. So this is

a call for justice in the streets of America.

Jokers Wild Created at Open Studio Artist Makers Studios 2 in Rockville Md

A real stand up guy from my home town came to visits me!
Matt Jennings a good Friend bought the Dowry Today!!

I was really thinking about the character the Joker

and how Heath created the iconic character and how unbelievable he was in the film. I had watched the

killing laugher which was a graphic movie and then saw the newest trailer of the movie put out by DC

comics and then I was playing some Jazz in the studio and "when your smiling came on." Somebody asked me if I paint faces. Wait till they get a load of me. LOL

Matt Jennings a friend from way back in my past came to visit me and enjoy some art and he bought one of my favorite paintings and award winners,"The Dowry." It was such a blessing to have him visit.

As I was doing a lot more painting on this huge

painting the Jokers Wild, a young lady came in to

take a picture of me painting and she scared the life

right out of me. I leaped about five feet in the air. It was crazy poor woman I probably scared her out of her wits. It was an incredible Day.

To God Goes the Glory.

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