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Two Uncles and a Nephew

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Rainbow Coalition

One of my favorite pictures of my brothers and my nephew Julian when he was a wee lad.

Last couple days in the art world have been wild God has been gracious and loving. Going through the struggles is always such a growing experience.

You feel this high painting and selling a original in one day and you just want that to be consistent but

it seldom is. I often wonder how Basquiat did it

and how it seems like it was easy to him but I don't

think it was living on the streets, dealing with being

black and famous on the New York Art seen. Losing a friend and mentor and not knowing how to

deal with it.

Game of Death

I like when colors have a mind of their own when an artist didn't even plan on the paints making that kind of visualization. Or the colors create a feeling in a nice clean painting or sadness or a want or a need . A primal need of sex or food or justice etc etc.

Death the game of death, many have asked me about skulls and why I like them. Am I obsessed with death as a black man in America. Well I just say what do you think? I think about it more than I should and I hope to changes my views on it. It

changes all the time from person to person. It always has a word associated with it like senseless, or sad, or peaceful, a waste, a injustice, a blessing. So skulls are often not just cool to me but every time

I put it in a painting it means something different. Game of Death is two ways of dying with wanting

basic rights of a human being and being sacrificed

to the Gods of Stone. Both very different.

Most of the time in the studio I just fade away into one of my creations as I create a world all of my

own. I really feel the process heals the soul and heart. I love listening to some Smashing Pumpkins,

L boogie, or Nat King Cole and I set the mood just right and dive deep into anything I create. I love the smell of paint on my fingers and on my clothes. I love using it in huge gobs and little gobs and when

it gets stuck in the tube and cannot get it out I tear

the tube open and tear my skin just to get more out to create something you have never seen.

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