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What Have you Learned Negro

With God looking down on me I never thought about all the things he wants of me that a young boy made clear and the thing I fear are not at the bottom of a beer. Can feel my heart to rage daily always me caught in the melee leaving battered and bruised God I pray for mercy but I just feel so guilty I keep myself chained like kunta kente before they took his foot away. Now there is no way I can stay dormant in the struggle use to call my friend Mc wuzzle . Yet I want to take you like an assassin with a gun and muzzle on a dog that will not sleep reminds me everyday not to make a peep, sometimes my demons are calling me and always interrupt my conscious so deep, I often weep keeping a battle raging on I become a child in the world beyond . For this is the reality I made out of my own fruition . Budist take me to the temple gates to find my center before I grow to hate all that's around me the darkness finds me and graduates , steamy ways of the hulk not known as Banner and my skin just gets tanner baking in the sun like a hot knife through butter, I am digging a hole to bury my feelings which I rarely utter. You better let the beast out because u do not know what I am about. Children scream and shout but the truth never comes out without a shadow of a doubt I rest my case, I cannot breath after running this race lord I believe but my body is like a pit bull on steroids and I keep two aces up my sleeve Kenny Rogers an't got nothing on me because he knows when to run and when it is done will I have enough chips to cash in did I lose or did I win I can never tell, ewww that smell the smell of survival is not enough but to live is worth the jackpot but often times life's maniacal. I am scared to die but to a adrenaline junky you just want to death defy and is because you have great faith or you want to meet the man upstairs, you orders better be in affair, the one that died for our sins then rose in three days once again, Thomas said I just cannot believe until his flesh with my finger I go between, blessed are those who have not seen.

Live by the grace of God I give thanks but not enough , beloved but rugged you know how it is my neck was rough. Driving in the turismo the stress is like a mad flow . It is like downtown Beruit , Jesus makes evil man mute . I grab my chain, Jesus piece there is smoke and fire in the streets. Driving through a cavern of smoke hoping I wouldn't choke in the ghetto territory where every brother and sister was darker than me. Where the brother didn't resist arrest and where the black man didn't confess , because another word for black is guilty and the truth is killing me. So take your gavel and swing and let the cage bird sing let the sirens ring, what is the gift Maya Angelou would bring, you will not find it on Bing and her writing was no fling. Why is there more coverage on the news for the black people getting shot , then their accomplishments in society by the time they come around the body is in the ground are they glad to see us rot ? Or in a small cage sleeping on a cot. Is this why Martin Luther King Jr. fought , for equality and equal coverage on the tv, what does that mean to you and me . I meet ignorant comments with intelligence of the African American race and you see a light of peace with the expression on my face. I laugh all Day with all the races of the beautiful skinned humans with even more beautiful spirits which will rest with God in paradise and while those who eat rice that will never suffice my stomach holds no bounds, I know my God never will cease to astound love unbound my God my King with no earthly crown , please lord do your best to hold us down. Hold me like a child my face small ,chubby ,and round.

I could have shared my meal and filled your empty stomach that day but tight lipped I walked by knowing you had no where to stay, but a lonely crate on the side walk without anyone to hold a conversation with nor no one to with to talk.

We have much to learn but man is vain he thinks he knows to much which becomes a cycle of knowledge and repetition of pain which makes us think that knowledge grows on trees and to gain it we need to cut down the rainforest and capture and kill God's creatures putting them in a tank with no regard for all that we have been taught and all the other animals which have already been caught, then put up a parking lot.

Beinzo and a dream with the neighborhood being ruined by the scheme team but the team do not know how to spell before their heads began to swell before their pockets got fat before the rata tat tat before the brains went splat before the crack and the taxes increased I had to be up early in the morning dressed in black with pants with a crease and those that inherit the earth will have eaten the least.

The older folks reminisce about children that were seen but not heard and that would watch the tone of their words when talking to their elders and the minimum wage was set the same back then for the brick layers and the welders. If the youth

opened their ears to fill with the sounds

of the world instead of filling them with ear buds, they would learn

enough to fill a book , instead of using ears for ear ring studs to better your looks ,there would be less crud running through the mind but knowledge that would make the solutions to your riddles on life easy to find . Maybe you would forget the pants hanging off your butt or your life's ambitions in a rut and come to realize all that is left to know of all that comes and all that goes till the coming season and the fallen snow, the children who are given one to grow both fast and slow, high and low, friends not foes, will wish you well and peace be with you until the journey ends never let us forget good friends, tonight is kind of special. Your kind of special about tonight , I mean the small bus might stop by your house . No be quiet as a mouse as u contemplate weather my blessings and my weaknesses compliment each other . One brother from another mother is closer to me than blood and why is my name always Mudd you broke that horse and put him out to stud. You sitting there talking like Elmer Fudd you are comical to me as ,You let me clear my throat how you going to have piece of mind from the thieves which plague your life what you going to

put around your house a moat ?

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