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What you Have in your Heart

I loved some part of him whether it was real or whether it was False whether it was evil or whether it good and so did the others who watched the great Oz behind smoke and mirrors behind hopes and fears screams and tears which cannot be heard with the volume on mute face not seen back to me closing the walls so nothing gets in, multiplying so one protects the many she becomes the savior, you become the puppet with strings of trauma and despair because in reality no one really cares , but everyone's stares to call you crazy and the child hopes to protect by holding you near and sucking nutrients from your breast and hide away making your love decency and not a choice but you cannot hear my voice whether near or far so go down medicate demons at your local bar, because you cannot see the stars which fall to earth at the moment of your birth or the moment of your creation, you look at the out side in and discover the revelation , that the natural gifts beneath your chest plate is the strength which brings forth absolute power and absolute surrender within the very same breath .

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